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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

4X Ice Cube Tray Set

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  • 💪 SUPER EASY TO REMOVE ICECUBES: No more wrestling for an ice cool drink: Our ice cubes pop straight out! Quick, easy release- our flexible moulds make removing ice a breeze; simply allow 2 minutes once removed from the freezer for the ice to loosen
  • ♻ SAVE FREEZER SPACE: With our neat stackable lids: Each ice cube mould comes with a lid and sits on top of each other (check out the main product image to see): Maximise freezer space and keep your ice fresh and odour free
  • 🆒 EASY TO FILL with LESS MESS: simply pour water, cover with the supplied stackable lid and freeze; with the ice covered there's less mess in your kitchen
  • ❄ SAVE MONEY:- AN ICE CUBE TRAY SET THAT WILL PAY FOR ITSELF! More freezer space and no more wasting money on bags of ice on your weekly shops!
  • 😍 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: And with that, purchase risk free, Oliver's Kitchen's ice cube tray sets are backed by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with a 1 year free replacement warranty


Super easy to remove ice. Save freezer space and ££ with stackable lids.


Oliver's Kitchen's 4X Ice Cube Tray Set


(And stop buying expensive, freezer-hogging bags of ice! ;))


And free up freezer space.


No more smashing an ice tray mold against the kitchen surface ;-)

Ensure you fill each ice cube mould just below the top. Leave the ice cube tray out for a couple of minutes and you will find the ice cubes squares are super easy to remove. Tough and durable plastic moulds with a flexible silicon material at the bottom of each ice cube allows you to push out ice with ease.


Fit 56 ice cubes in total in the tightest of spaces!

 If you are anything like me, from time to time you go a little overboard on the food shopping and end up buying more frozen food than can fit in the freezer! Many a time I've had to play 'Freezer Tetris' to try and cram everything into a tight spot!

Luckily, each ice tray comes with a lid. Perfect if you have a small or busy freezer. Each ice tray then sits on top of each other (check the images above), which means you can maximise freezer space. Lidded ice cube trays also help to keep odours out and the ice nice and fresh.


Pour, cover and freeze.

 Super easy to fill and store.

You should find 12 hours is more than enough for ice to be ready.


Join Oliver's Kitchen's campaign to end needless buying of ice. Use our ice cube trays! ;)

If you've held a big party before, you may recall buying bags and bags of ice for a small fortune, and wondering why!

Here's where our ice cube tray set comes in. You can freeze 56 ice cubs in total, saving time and money.


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