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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Our story - all about Oliver's Kitchen

A family business

We don't have a board of shareholders to report to. Only you our customer.

Oliver's Kitchen was created to allow our new family to earn enough money to travel the world and allow our youngest son (9 months old at the time of writing) experience as many different cultures, people and food as possible before he starts school.

Our kitchen

Like all families, we enjoy the occasional takeaway food treat! But for the majority of the week, even though we are busy from work we like to eat fresh.

Eating fresh and healthily can be a challenge for any family, so I went about sourcing the best kitchenware to help cut down prep time, so we could enjoy more time enjoying our food.

Kitchenware that while making food prep and cooking easy, was built to a high quality to stand the test of time.

Above should be fun for all ages!

Ever since my childhood, family has always enjoyed time together in the kitchen. Whether it be to make pizza together on a Friday night, celebrate a birthday or pack as many people as humanly possible around the table for Christmas Dinner!

Cooking has always been at the heart of our family, and our kitchenware reflects this. All our products are built with adding an added element of family fun! It's our belief that a happy family enjoys their food and eats healthily.

I truly hope you enjoy cooking with our kitchenware as much as our family has!

OIiver's Kitchen