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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Safety Can Opener

  • 💪 GIVE YOUR WRISTS A REST! Finally a can opener that's both sharp and powerful enough to open cans with ease. The perfect helping hand for those with weak / arthritic arms.
  • 🫶 SOFT & COMFORTABLE TO HOLD: Our ergonically designed, over-sized non-slip rubber handle allows you to hold the can opener with comfort, while effortlessly opening the most stubborn of tins!
  • 🦺 OPEN SAFELY & SMOOTHLY- With safety always in mind at Oliver's Kitchen, our unique opening mechnanism locks firmly in place, leaving a smooth finish and no jagged edges.
  • ⏳ NEVER THROW AWAY A CAN OPENER AGAIN: Super strong and durable. Crafted from rust-resistant high quality steel, our can opener stays sharp and rust resistant.
  • 👪 WE ARE A FAMILY BRAND: With cooking at the heart of our home: Our award-winning kitchenware reflects this: Oliver's Kitchen adds the spice of fun to your family meals (and some might say, with British cooking you need all the spice possible!).