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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Cast Iron Burger Press Smasher

  • 🍔 CREATE PERFECT SMASH BURGERS! Get ready to crush your burger game! This press will turn you into a patty pro, perfectly rounding up those juicy burgers and seamlessly embedding onions for that extra zing. Smashing burgers is ideal for those that prefer that extra crisp, chargrill texture and flavour. Why settle for boring burgers when you can smash it? Click now and start the grill party!
  • 💪SUPER STRONG & DURABLE: Imagine a burger press so solid, it could double as a dumbbell! With a ergonomic, comfortable handle, and heavy duty cast-iron press, this press does all the heavy work so you don't have to.
  • 👍 NON-STICK, EASY TO COOK: Our burger press is like a non-stick superhero, making sure your patties never stick around longer than your in-laws. With its non-toxic, high-end cast iron, making juicy, crispy patties becomes a piece of cake!
  • 🍳 MORE THAN JUST A BURGER PRESS: Why settle for just burgers when you can press bacon, squish sandwiches, and boss the BBQ with our burger press? It's the kitchen & grill multitasker you never knew you needed.
  • 🧼 SPEND MORE TIME COOKING, LESS TIME CLEANING! Cleaning this burger press is easier than convincing a toddler to eat veggies. Just rinse and wipe under the tap, dry, and you're done! Please do note....our burger press is not a fan of dishwashers, much like cats with water. Ready to join the easy-clean club? Click to buy and spend more time cooking, less time cleaning!