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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Stackable Cube Ice Tray Set

  • 🧊 SUPER EASY TO REMOVE ICE: Easy to fill, easy to remove: Freeze, then just pop and drop! Using incredibly flexible BPA-free silicone material, our ice cube trays make pushing out ice a breeze: No more snapped ice trays: No more mess!
  • ♻ SAVE FREEZER SPACE: With our neat stackable lids: Each ice cube mould comes with a lid and sits on top of each other (check out the main product image to see): Maximise freezer space and keep your ice fresh and odor free it should smell fresh and yummy
  • ❄ KEEP DRINKS ICE COOL FOR LONGER: Our large ice cubes take an age to melt! Giving you plenty of time to warm the party up: No more topping up ice, no more diluted drinks: Huge ice squares for whiskey, brandy, rum and soft drinks are like bricks for building a perfect cocktail
  • 💪 MADE TO LAST- SUPER TOUGH & DURABLE: Unlike traditional plastic ice molds, our tray won't crack or break, but they might help crack a smile. Reusable, time and time again, like the best chat-up lines
  • 👪 WE ARE A FAMILY BRAND: With cooking at the heart of our home: Our kitchenware reflects this: Oliver's Kitchen adds the spice of fun to your family cooking (and some might say, with British cooking you need all the spice possible!)