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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Hand Push Whisk

  • 🦾 WHISK UP YOUR NEXT CULINARY CREATION IN A FLASH: With a powerful hand-push spring design, you can whisk away your kitchen woes with our Hand Push Whisk! No batteries, no fuss, just push & release for effortless mixing! It's a piece of cake! Inject fun & ease into your baking, save time, energy, and enjoy every moment in your kitchen!
  • 🍳 MUCH MORE THAN JUST EGGS! It’s no yolk! As well as everyday whisking, this multi-tasker makes eggs fluffy, milk frothy, coffee café-quality & hot choco heavenly! From butter blends to cocktail swirls, it’s a stirrer, frother & laugher rolled into one. So, why whisk away your chance? Grab yours & let’s get cracking!
  • 🧼 SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING, MORE TIME COOKING: It’s a breeze to clean and a knight in shining armour in maintaining food hygiene – straight into the dishwasher it goes! Keep your counters mess-free and your spirits high; this whisk is no yolk when it comes to cleanliness. You can focus on cooking up a storm, without stirring up trouble!
  • 🥰 DECLUTTER & DETANGLE: WHO NEEDS BATTERIES? Mix up some joy with our compact, lightweight hand push whisk! It’s sleek, needs no batteries, and is perfect for any kitchen caper! Save time and keep your kitchen spacious and sprightly. So, come on, join the whisk brigade—let’s beat it to a clutter-free cooking experience!
  • 👪 WE ARE A FAMILY BRAND: With cooking at the heart of our home: Our award-winning kitchenware reflects this: Oliver's Kitchen adds the spice of fun to your family meals (and some might say, with British cooking you need all the spice possible!).