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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Oliver's Kitchen ® Balloon Whisk with Built-in Silicone Scraper to Catch Every Drop- Ideal for Baking & Home Cooking - Beat & Mix Eggs - Batter, Froth and Stir - Comfortable Handle - Easy to Clean

  • 💧CATCH EVERY LAST DROP! How is this whisk diferent to the rest on this page? Well, ours is equipped with a unique silicone bowl scraper, making it effortless to scrape the sides and bottom of your mixing bowl. This ensures complete incorporation of all ingredients into your batter or dough, as well as saving ingredients, money and making less mess!
  • 💪 FOR COMFORTABLE AND CONTROL: Super easy to grip rubber handle is comfortable in your hand, while allowing the powerfully designed whisk to do all the heavy lifting with you. Whether you are baking cakes, or mixing eggs, this ensures every last drop of ingredient is thoroughly mixed together to create the best culinary creations.
  • ⏳ BUILT TO LAST: Not to be replaced! Super strong and durable: High quality rust-resistant stainless-steel and high quality rubber plastic. Why whisk the cheaper option?
  • 🗑 SPEND MORE TIME COOKING, LESS TIME CLEANING: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, because let's face it, who wants to be on washing up duties when there's food to be enjoyed!?
  • 👪 WE ARE A FAMILY BRAND: With cooking at the heart of our home: Our award-winning kitchenware reflects this: Oliver's Kitchen adds the spice of fun to your family meals (and some might say, with British cooking you need all the spice possible!).