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Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.
Cooking at home. Made fun and easy.

Sphere and Cube Ice Cube Tray Set

  • ❄ KEEP DRINKS ICE COOL FOR LONGER: Our mega large ice cubes take an age to melt! Giving you plenty of time to warm the party up: No more topping up ice, no more diluted drinks: Your choice of 2 large ice cube moulds: Giant ice balls for gin and tonic and you didn't think you could be cool and have big balls. Huge ice squares for whiskey, brandy, rum and soft drinks are like bricks for building a perfect cocktail. The ultimate ice ball maker as well as perfect ice squares.
  • 🥂 SPEND MORE TIME ENJOYING ICE COOL DRINKS: Easy to fill ice molds; easy to remove ice cube balls and squares. Super flexible non-stick silicone material allows you to push ice out quickly and the boat out..
  • 🙌 BETTER TASTE WITH FRESHER ICE: The top trays act as lids, allowing you to stack the sets and maximum freezer space; hygienic & dishwasher safe: ice cube trays with lids produce zero odors and are super easy to wash. Food grade, BPA-free silicon material This is the only kind of lid you should put on a cocktail party. Fill the fridge with drinks, then stack the fridge with ice..
  • 💪 MADE TO LAST- SUPER TOUGH & DURABLE: Unlike traditional plastic ice molds, our tray won't crack or break, but they might help crack a smile. Reusable, time and time again, like the best chat-up lines..
  • WE ARE A REAL, BRITISH FAMILY: Cooking has always been at the heart of our household, and our kitchenware reflects this (and a bit of drinking): All our products are built by adding an added element of family fun: We believe that above should be fun for all ages.